This course or paper offered opportunities to read a wide variety of texts, including empirical, conceptual, and historical work, policy documents, studies about schools, teaching, learning, and about different people’s experiences of all of these. The course includes narrative texts, expository texts from diverse sources, including autobiographical narratives, field notes, ethnographies, etc. to address different types of reading skills and strategies. Combining reading and writing 2-Year B.Ed Curriculum leads to the development of critical skills. Student-teachers had got opportunities to write with a sense of purpose and audience, through tasks such as, responding to a text with one’s own opinions or writing within the context of others’ ideas.

The course on Drama and Art in Education also helps in understanding the self and as a form of self-expression for enhancing creativity. The components of fine arts aim to develop aesthetic sensibilities in student-teachers and learn the use of art in teaching learning .Encouragement needs to be given to understand local culture and art forms and interpret art works, movies and other Media. Likewise other activities can be used to build trust and cooperation, the sense of responsibility, pursuing tasks collectively and exploring varied perspectives. The workshops and activities were conducted to enhance students competencies.

Preparing teachers to use technology in a classroom is an important step for ICT enabled education in the country. This course had focused on moving beyond computer literacy and ICT-aided learning, to help student-teachers interpret and adapt ICTs in line with educational aims and principles. The student- teacher acquired knowledge and skills required for the applications of ICT in classroom practice. Also students developed ICT enabled learning material for each module.

The aim of the course is to develop understanding of student-teachers about themselves – the development of the self as a person and as a teacher, through conscious ongoing reflection. The course was transacted through a workshop mode. The course was addressed aspects of development of the inner self and the professional identity of a teacher. The course encourages student-teachers to identify their role as agents of change by helping to eliminate prejudices and biases seen in the classroom.